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"'Trapped,'tiene un sonido muy atmosférico y promete darle ese clima que tanto te gusta para tu playlist." [Trapped, has a very atmospheric sound and promises to give you that mood you like so much for your playlist.] 

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Elluna is a space-loving indie singer-songwriter, who was legally born in Arizona but feels like she is from nebula, supernova or star dust. She makes that galaxy-spinning music that is different to the rest – as she regards herself as an alien – and not from this crazy earth.  

She sings with such a smoothly created style, her intentions are only pure and believes that she is the one to blame, when she actually isn’t at all. With a player-mentality overly rampant and social media comparing us to ourselves to make us feel distant when it should be the opposite, she flips your mindset into a deeply introspective one. 


"From the first lyrical line in up and coming Pop artist Elluna’s latest single 'Runnin' you’re already left with the impression that you’re listening to no ordinary Pop artist. 

Elluna’s artful approach to the EDM Pop genre is sure to be of appeal to any fans of Bjork and Tori Amos; yes, her sound really is that distinctive. Artists in possession of such captivating authenticity aren’t usually so easily found, yet Elluna’s commanding vocals paired with her drive to orchestrate potently emotive beats definitely isn’t something that you get to hear every day. 
'Runnin' also offers plenty of lyrical depth, the single deals with our tendencies to inflict a narrative self-hate onto ourselves which leads us to methods of destructive escapism. With the fluctuations in the momentum of the beats, the track becomes an aural depiction of growth and shaking away shackles of apathy. In short, it’s an incredibly powerful single which is more than worth 4 minutes of your time."


 "Lucky me, lucky you. Tonight, we have the sound of Elluna to fill our ears with pleasure. The 24 year old independent singer songwriter from Arizona creates music she calls “intergalactic trip pop”. 'Lucky Me', which looks to be her official debut, is a cosmic electronic pop anthem that immediately evokes the synth iridescent beauty of Purity Ring’s darkly captivating songs. Elluna shoots us across the galaxy with the nocturnal bloom of her out of this world, gravity defying ballad. 'With her sonic aria, Elluna reminds herself, and listeners like ourselves, that love can be blinding, so much so that we end up willingly ignoring all the red flags."

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"Listen to Elluna’s out of this world single, 'Lucky Me'" 

 "Everything is not always what it seems and Elluna’s “Lucky Me” has landed on Earth here today to remind us that. Originally inspired by and written about a blooming love, the lyrical direction for “Lucky Me” took a terrestrial turn after the man Elluna was falling for showed his true colors and they were nothing short of lackluster. So, “Lucky Me” is Elluna’s way of reminding herself, and listeners, that sometimes we’re blind when it comes to love, wanting so badly for it to work out that we willingly ignore red flags."


A u d i o k i t e   C r o w d s o u r c i n g  f o r 

"Lucky me" 

R&B Category Total Average Score/100 responses: 6.8/10 


“The singer's voice is absolutely stellar...,” “...soulful...,” “...beautiful...,“...phenomenal...,” ”...amazing...,” “...I was hanging on every word....” 

“The lyrics [are] dark and intense...,” “...intriguing....” 

“The music/instrumentals are just completely mesmerizing... I had to listen to it multiple times, it was that freaking good...there isn't enough good things I can say about this song...,” “...I love the mysterious feel to the music...,” “...Interesting, haunting instrumentals...well performed, atmospheric, & highly listenable...,” “...“original and unique sound that this song has...,” “...definitely an A+ song, I want to hear more songs from her!...,“ “...I absolutely love this song....” 

“Higher quality than a lot of songs I hear every day on the radio or Spotify/Pandora... I think with the right marketing/exposure this song will become a hit...,” “...I think this could be a hit song that would be in an action movie... it's a catchy song with a great beat...,” “...I could see it being a hit just because it has a catchy beat...I can see this song getting stuck in people's head's...,” “...I think could be a great hit...,” “...This song will be a very big hit."


A u d i o k i t e   C r o w d s o u r c i n g  f O R 


Pop Category Total Average Score/100 responses: 6.9/10 


The singer’s voice is “...phenomenal, truly beautiful...,” “...beautiful...reminded me of Avril Lavigne...,” “...reminds me of Selena Gomez...,” “...beautiful...,” “...very pretty...,“ “...unique...,” “...strong...,” ”...smooth and easy to listen to...,” “...beautiful, powerful...very hypnotizing...hits phenomenal notes...I love the emotion...phenomenal range...,” “...pure and beautiful...her range is amazing....” 

The song is “...catchy...,” “...interesting with an unusual beat...,” “very energized...very well put together...,” “...has a lot of soul...,” “...wonderful...,” “I love the mysterious feel...that you can dance to this song...,” “...has a beautiful vibe and the lyrics are pretty...,”“...instrumentation was beautiful...,” “...works on many different levels...really a quality piece of music...,” ”...really enjoyed the instrumental and EDM elements on the track. It has a modern sound that is just great. I would listen to this on the radio just from the instrumental....” 

I can see this song “...being on the radio now and being a big hit...,” “...playing on a romance movie such as 50 shades of grey...,” “...has qualities of possibly being a hit.” “...could definitely be popular on the radio today as it has a similar sound to other popular songs...,” “...the track has all the components to be a hit...."